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Energy supply systems for long travels

Long travels of 1,000 metres and more

It is a great challenge for operators of sewage plants, waste incineration plants, cranes, power plants or mines to guide data, energy and hydraulics safely on long travels. High speeds combined with a high fill weight often pose problems for energy supply systems such as motor cable drums, busbars or festoonings.
Energy chain systems by igus can be moved without problems on travels of up to 1,000 metres and more at a speed of 10m/s and with 50kg/m fill weight. As guide of highly flexible chainflex cables and hoses, energy chains can be guided smoothly and with low friction in long travels through guide troughs and enclosures. Both in- and outdoors, they energy chain systems by igus have been successfully used for more than 20 years in over 30,000 gliding long travels.
The igus Project Engineering Team will assist you with the sizing, design, project management, installation and commissioning on site. For the intelligent monitoring of the state of your system, igus isense sensors and monitoring modules can be used to measure the abrasion of the energy chain, push/pull forces and accelerations as well as to perform real-time monitoring.

Recommended energy chains for long travels

NEW: drive-chain

drive-chain Driven energy chain system for extremely long travels, extremely dynamic and high run times. The drive-chain is used, for e.g., in ASC cranes.

NEW: Roller e-chain P4HD.56R

P4HD.56R rol e-chain

The new heavy-duty rol e-chain® meets all the relevant requirements for container cranes of the next and future generations. Longer paths, higher dynamics, short load cycles, zero failures.

NEW: Complete iSet solutions

Complete systems for long travels

Now you can save time and money with our complete energy chain set. No need to spend lots of time looking for the right energy chain series and relevant accessories. 

E4.1 series

E4.1 energy chain

For almost any application

  • Inner height: 30–800mm
  • Suitable for demanding applications
  • Undercut design for high lateral stability
  • Outer and inner side links for quick assembly

E4/4HD series

E4/4HD energy chain

High fill weight with long travels

  • Inner height: 5680mm
  • High stability
  • Ideal for heavy duty applications
  • Crossbars every link

P4.1 series

P4.1 energy chain

Friction kept to a minimum, twice the service life

  • Inner height: 56 to 80mm
  • Travel distances of 800 m and more are possible
  • Speeds of up to >5m/s
  • Smart wear monitoring possible

P4 series

P4 rol e-chain profile

rol e-chain profile

  • Inner height: 32 to 42mm
  • Travel distances of 800 m and more are possible
  • Speeds of up to >10m/s
  • Fill weights up to 7kg/m

rol e-chain

rol e-chain®

Rolling instead of gliding

  • Inner height: 3280mm
  • 75% less drive power
  • Speeds of up to 6m/s possible
  • Uniform roller resistance


autoglide energy chain

Self-guiding without guide troughs

  • Inner height: 3280mm
  • 75% less drive power
  • Speeds of up to 6 m/s possible
  • Uniform roller resistance

Where are energy chain systems used?

Travel: 615m

Travel: 615m The longest plastic energy chain in the world with 615m travel from igus has been in operation without failure for ten years.

Speeds: up to 10m/s

Speeds: up to 10m/s Profile roller chains of the series P4 are characterised by high speed, smooth operation and safe energy supply, and are used in gantry loaders.

High loads: 100kg/m

High loads: 100kg/m Energy chain system despite enormous fill weight of more than 100kg/m in a sludge treatment plant.

Efficiency: 57% less energy

Efficiency: 57% less energy With igus rol e-chains the required drive cable is reduced by 57%. The roller energy supply withstands the high acceleration and speed on a permanent basis.

Quiet operation

Quiet operation

Energy chains are especially quiet and abrasion-resistant at high speeds and with large fill weights.

Dirt & dust

Dirt & dust

Extreme dirt and dust exposure do not affect the energy chain systems. For several years now, they have reliably supplied conveyor units and stockpiling equipment with energy, data and media.



Energy systems by igus for long travels work reliably at high temperatures in steel works.

Acids and chemicals

Acids and chemicals

Energy chain and plastic trough made from chemically-resistant plastic withstand exposure to hydrochloric acid and have been in operation at a hot dip galvanising plant for years.

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Tušimice Tušimice: The longest plastic energy chain in the world with 615m travel in operation without failure since 2007 - supplied by igus®.

Your benefits at a glance

e-chains provide great benefits for long travels

  • Long travels of 1,000 metres and more
  • All media, such as electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic energy as well as digital signals (electrical or optical), and liquid media can operate side by side in the same system
  • No unnecessary interfaces
  • Fill weights of up to 100 kg/m
  • Service life of ten years and more with energy chains and cables
  • Robust in all applications such as those involving exposure to wind, weather, dirt, chemicals and bulk materials
  • Quick installation and retrofitting of cables and hoses

System comparison

Energy chain systems instead of festooning, motor cable drums and busbars

Energy chain systems instead of motor cable drums

Energy chain systems instead of motor cable drums No slip ring on long travels. Guide all media safely in one system. Travels up to 1,000m.

Energy chain systems instead of busbars

Energy chain systems instead of busbars Guide data, energy, fluids and air fail-safe in one energy chain system. For narrow compact spaces and fast movement in lanes.  

Energy chains systems instead of festooning

Energy chains systems instead of festooning Guide cables and energy chains in a protected and safe way in wind and fluctuating temperatures. That way, downtimes can be reduced.

From support to installation

Engineering projects & special solutions

Engineering projects & special solutions From the first sketch to installation and on-site commissioning. We use igus low-maintenance e-chains, fail-safe chainflex cables and standardised modules that are quickly adapted to your application to convert an existing plant.

Installation and aftersales service

Installation and aftersales service We will take care of the installation. Clearly calculable assembly costs and at request a service contract for the entire energy supply by igus.

Other products for long travels

chainflex® cables for long travels

Motor cable CFCRANE

Motor cable CFCRANE
  • For highest voltages and outputs
  • Flame-retardant
  • UV resistance: High
  • Oil resistance: Oil-resistant (based on DIN EN 60811-2-1) 

Motor cable CF300.UL.D

Motor cable CF300.UL.D
  • For very heavy duty applications 
  • Gliding applications from 400 m and more
  • Indoor and outdoor applications, UV resistant
  • UV resistance: High 

CFLG.LB fibre optic cable

CFLG.LB fibre optic cable
  • For heaviest duty applications with 5xd
  • Outer jacket: TPE
  • gliding application (horizontal) of 400m or more
  • UV resistance

Other systems for long travels

Sensor for position-sensitive push/pull force measurement EC. PP

Sensor for position-sensitive push/pull force measurement EC. PP
  • Integrates a positioning system into e-chain
  • Supplies information on position-dependent push/pull forces
  • Use position information from the application for other purposes

Steel guide trough

Steel guide trough
  • Huge range available for almost all e-chains®
  • Very simple, modular assembly
  • Very strong and tough steel guide trough for applications in tough environments

Condition monitoring i.Sense

Condition monitoring i.Sense
  • Safe shut-down or alarm signal in the event of a fault
  • The plant shuts down when the force is exceeded
  • Custom programmable and event logging in the data memory

Harnessed energy chain systems

Harnessed energy chain systems
  • 95% less harnessing time
  • Reduce assembly time
  • Plug & play solutions, e.g. for the bulk goods technology


  • Very compact structure
  • Fail-safe and maintenance-free
  • Fully protected by enclosure
  • For high speeds

i.Cee Wonderbox

  • Non-contact system monitoring
  • Predictive service life information for each individual chain link
  • Space-saving external mounting on the fixed end

"Rise of chain", "Wind load" and "Long travels" test

igus® performs application-specific tests in the in-house laboratory for a long-lasting energy supply.

The rise of chain in long travels

The rise of chain in long travels The rise of the 5050R series e-chain® was tested in a travel of 200 m and a load of 7.5 kg/m.
Result: The energy chain of the 5050R series only rises when the thrust exceeds
8,000 N.
igus® solution: Guide troughs with rise guard keep the energy supply system safely in the trough.

Wind load in long travels

Wind load in long travels

Issue: Does the wind speed of 55 mph affect the functionality of the 4040CR series e-chain®? 
Result: At the wind speed of 55 mph, only the guide trough was bent elastically.
igus® solution: High-strength "HD bottom clamp" prevents elastic deformation of the guide trough under wind load

Test "Long travels": Rol e-chain was tested on long travels up to 240m and at a speed of up to 8m/s

Further information

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