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igus® plastic bearings for the bicycle industry

40% lower costs, 80% less weight and 100% less maintenance

Change bearing now: plastic instead of metal

What began in 1817 with the Draisian running machine with oiled brass bushes evolved over the years to become a low-weight lifestyle accessory with dry-operating plastic bearings. The "digital bike" and "the bicycle as vehicle" are two important trends in today's bicycle world, where electrification is expanding the range of possible uses of the bicycle in everyday life. This is also changing the requirements placed on the components installed in the bike. Whereas mountain bikes have to cope with impacts and shocks acting on the bearings used in the components when the bike is ridden over rough terrain, the focus in the case of the e-bike is on achievement of the greatest possible range with one battery charge. The bike must therefore be as light as possible although the longer distances travelled lead to greater stress on the individual bicycle components compared to the conventional bike. Save weight, increase service life and minimise maintenance intervals with igus®. Dry operating iglidur® plain bearings made of high-performance plastics are lightweight, extremely wear-resistant and characterised by very low friction values. They defy shocks and bumps and are more resistant than metallic bearings - especially in extreme environmental conditions. Thus dirt, temperature, detergents and humidity are not challenges any more. Due to the elimination of external lubricants and the maintenance often associated with them, the amount of care and repair needed is minimised. Overall three-fold savings: in weight, in maintenance, and also in price.

Advantages of igus® high performance polymers for the bicycle industry:

Self lubricating dry operation

Insensitive to impacts and shocks (no elongation, no displacement)

Very light compared to metallic bearings

Resistant to corrosion and chemicals

Extremely strong and wear-resistant

Vibration-dampening properties


Dry-operating plastic bearing for road and mountain bikes


igus® lubrication-free and maintenance-free plastic bearings for bicycles

iglidur® G  
iglidur® G plain bearings

Smooth running thanks to low coefficient of friction

Reliable, maintenance-free and dirt-resistant

Precise and fast switching

iglidur® J  
iglidur® J plain bearings

Resistant to high frequency shocks and vibrations

Highly resistant to wear with low coefficients of friction

No 'stick slip'

iglidur® J3  
iglidur® J3 plain bearings

High impact strength, maintains shape

Sensitive feedback from the rear shock

Dimensional stability of the bearing

iglidur® H4  
iglidur® H4 plain bearings

Temperature resistant up to +200 °C

Corrosion resistant, no seizing.

Extreme wear resistance

iglidur® W300  
iglidur® W300 plain bearings

Resistant to dirt

Extremely high wear resistance and low coefficient of friction

Lubrication and maintenance-free

igubal® spherical bearings  
igubal® spherical bearings

Absorb vibrations

Angle and tolerance compensation

Light, lubrication-free and therefore insensitive to dirt

Applications of igus® bearings made of high performance plastics

In pedals, seat posts, brakes, brake levers, shocks, suspension forks, derailleurs and many more parts – iglidur® plain bearings are already used in many different parts from the broadest range of manufacturers. Here, you will find several potential uses for plastic plain bearings in mountain bikes.

Seat posts

Seat posts  

iglidur® J plain bearings in adjustable seat posts.

Oscillating joint

Oscillating joint  

iglidur® J3 bearings in oscillating joints.

Suspension fork

Suspension fork  

iglidur® J bearings for use in suspension forks.



iglidur® J3 bearings in pedals.



iglidur® G bearings in derailleurs.



iglidur® W300 bearings in freewheels.

Brake callipers

Brake callipers  

iglidur® J bearings in brake calipers.

Disc brake

Disc brake  

iglidur® H4 bearings in disc brakes.

Cantilever brake

Cantilever brake  

iglidur® G bearings in cantilever brakes.

Brake handles

Brake handles  

iglidur® G bearings in brake levers.

Racing bike brake

Racing bike brake  

iglidur® G bearings in racing bike brakes.

Tie rod

Tie rod  

igubal® spherical bearings in tie rods used to regulate cornering tilt.

dry-tech® box  

Free sample box for the bicycle industry

Experience the advantages of igus® plastic bearings for yourself and order our free dry-tech® sample box without any obligation on your part.
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Tested for wear resistance and coefficient of friction

Test: Linear wear rate


Test: Rotating wear rate


Test of coefficients of friction (rotating)


Test: Pivoting wear rate


igus® products used successfully in the bicycle industry

Here, you can see some examples of our customers' applications.
Crank Brothers pedals  
Long service life under the most adverse conditions

Crank Brothers, a company in the USA, relies on premium components from igus® for its pedals, among other things. Weight-reducing iglidur® plastic bearings withstand even the most extreme conditions.

SRAM derailleur  
Precision and durability

iglidur® G plastic bearings from igus® used in SRAM derailleurs work extremely precisely and, in contrast to aluminium or metal bushes, are characterised by low weight and high wear resistance.

igus® in suspension forks  
Low-cost, light and low-maintenance

Weight plays a crucial role in bike sport. iglidur® J bearings from igus® are around five times lighter than metal bearings and are ideal for suspension forks. Not only weight but also manufacturing costs were reduced.

Freight bicycle  
Cost-effective and space-saving

For this freight bicycle, robust iglidur® bearings are used in the handlebars, among other things. Apart from the price-reduction and space-saving factors, the plastic solutions from igus® are also lubrication-free and maintenance-free.

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