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Cost down, tech up:
solutions for the plastic and rubber industry

igus products can be found in a variety of machines and equipment for the plastics and rubber industry. This includes machines and plant for processing, machines and equipment for treatment and recycling, handling and downstream machines as well as peripherals and plant for process automation. Thereby igus products enable a trouble-free and reliable operation of your machines and systems. Among others the following product groups are used:

Innovative e-chain cable guidance systems with a long service life

Highly flexible chainflex cables with a 36-month guarantee

A diverse product range of maintenance-free iglidur plain bearings made of high-performance polymers

Compact drylin linear guides

New from April 2020


14 highlights in a 5-minute video

Innovations for plastics machines

Tech up, cost down: with improved e-chains, new approvals and certificates for chainflex cables and particularly quiet hybrid linear bearings.
You can find more information on these and further product innovations at our 400m2 trade show stand. You can either explore it virtually on your own or together with our industry expert. Make an appointment now for a guided virtual tour with individual consultation:

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e-chain E4Q  
Energy supply: save 40% assembly time

▲ Tech up

Tool-free opening and closing

15% more pull-out strength and 10% less weight than the E4.1 system

▼ Cost down

40% less assembly time compared to the e-chain system E4.1

Find out more about the E4Q/R4Q series

chainflex worldwide  
The most important standards and approval regulations worldwide

▲ Tech up

One cable for all major markets

Gives confidence in the design process

▼ Cost down

No duplicated stock

No additional costs in respect of customs duty

chainflex cables - at home in the world

drylin W hybrid roller bearings  
New hybrid roller bearings with ball bearings

▲ Tech up

Up to four times quieter than metallic bearings due to igus high-performance polymers

▼ Cost down

Cost-effective zinc die-cast housing

Roller bearings without lubrication

More information about drylin W hybrid roller bearings

Advantages of polymer e-chains

When supplying energy to machines, high additional loads, accuracy and high temperatures are important. In injection moulding machines, extruders or blow moulding machines, polymer energy chains guide and protect the cables and hoses. Even with heavy fillings, polymer e-chains have their advantages:

  • High fill weights possible
  • Circular and pivoting movements possible
  • Use at high temperatures
  • Resistant to dust, powder deposits and moisture
  • Space-saving

With cost-effective automation solutions and smart plastics, igus also addresses the key topic Plastic Industry 4.0 and system integration.


Industry solutions

Injection moulding machines

Injection moulding machine  

Extruders and extrusion lines


Blow moulding machines

Blow moulding machines  

Handling and automation

Handling and automation  

Thermoforming machines and presses

Thermoforming machine  

Application examples of our customers

Injection-moulding machine

With pivot arm mounted in injection moulding machines with plastic plain bearings. With the simple plug-in structure and the adjustable collars, it was possible to dispense with highly complicated joining mechanics.

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Injection moulding tool

The e-chain® was placed on an injection moulding tool in such a way that additional space is not necessary for the rolling movement in the horizontal direction.

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Bag forming, filling and sealing machine

The crimpers in hose packaging machines often reach temperatures of 160 °C and above in continuous operation.

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Calibration basket in a blown film line

In conventional solutions, this procedure washes the lubricant out of the plain bearings or even flushes particles of dirt in.

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Measuring system for extruder

In this application, igus readychain energy chains are used for blown film extrusion.

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Pillar cleaning facility

Resistant to pressure, temperature and chemicals, iglidur plain bearings ensure trouble-free operation in this pillar cleaning system for plastic injection moulding machines.

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X-Y-Z adjustment

A drylin® SHT lead screw linear system ensures precise positioning of the tools in the X-Y-Z direction.

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Checked in the igus® test laboratory for use in the real world

Glance into the e-chain system test laboratory.


Thoroughly tested in the drylin test laboratory.

igus blog plastic machines  

You can find interesting contributions to questions regarding plastic machines in the igus blog.

Take a look now!

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