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robolink® joints are the moving connecting components between the individual connecting plates of the robot arm. igus® supplies them with worm gears and in different sizes. For the gear wheels and slewing ring bearings of the joints, high-performance polymers that contain dry lubricants are used. Additional lubrication is therefore not necessary. This makes robolink® maintenance-free and clean. In addition, use in dirty environments is possible without problems as dust particles cannot adhere to the joints. If robolink® D joints are combined with a stepper motor, the latter ensures movement with a high degree of repeating accuracy, even in the case of applications involving spray water. The joints are available singly and can be combined with special components.


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5th axis for robolink® RL-DC with RL-S-17 strain wave gear adaptable to robolink® RL-D-20
  • Axis of rotation with igus® stepper motor NEMA11 and encoder
  • Direct screw-connection to the RL-S-17 strain wave gear
  • The output disc has an INI switch for zero point definition
  • The motor-gearbox unit is directly connected to the robolink® RL-D-20-101-38-01000 standard joint by means of an adapter plate (4th axis in the modular articulated arm, "large" and "small version")
  • Cables (motor, encoder and initiator cables) are placed in the existing e-chainsystem® of the joint
  • Output encoder optional

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robolink® D robot joint installation size 20, gear version
These versions do not have a slewing ring bearing (PRT) and are a low-cost alternative to our robolink® D joints. Replaceable coupling components can be used to adapt different shaft diameters on the output side.
  • Light-weight
  • Cost-effective

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robolink® RL-D-30-102-70-K0128
  • With hand wheel for easy adjustment
  • Optional manual clamp and position indicator available
  • Ideal for fast and secure positioning

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